Abel Wellness uses the purest, most effective essential oils on the market to complement our holistic wellness services. We offer two ways to experience the powerful healing effects of aromatherapy.

The simplest way to experience aromatherapy is to lay down, relax, and breathe in the oils. Our Aroma Dome sessions last 30 min. During your time, you will relax in a reclining position under the Aroma Dome, a personal tent like enclosure. Essential oils will be diffused into the air for you to breathe deep and relax.

30 Min Session –$30

1 Hour Session with Intuitive Release–$60

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Highest Potential

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Aroma Freedom Technique 

Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) was developed by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a clinical psychologist. AFT is a process of using essential oils to transform emotions, remove limiting beliefs and blocks, and reach your goals. Your AFT facilitator will lead you through a series of questions and invite you to heal painful memories and experiences and that will help you lead your best life. Our sense of smell is directly linked to the limbic part of the brain, the part which also stores our memories. Essential oils can access these areas and help clear out limiting memories and beliefs.

1 Hour Session $60

30 Min Session $30