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Iain Abernethy Flyer

Iain Abernethy Seminar 2017

We are so excited to announce the 2017 Iain Abernethy Seminar. The event will be Friday-Saturday  September 8th, 9th, and 10th.  This year Iain will be teaching all new material that he has never taught in the U.S. before.  We have had so much fun planning an exciting weekend for seminar participants and their families. Training will be held at East Franklin Elementary and lodging and a Saturday night BBQ will be held at Cat Creek Lodge in Franklin.

This year we invite you to bring your whole family for a relaxing retreat weekend.  We have several family activities planned while participants are training with Iain. There will be a gem mining excursion and a morning Pilates class on Saturday and of course everyone is invited to Friday night finger foods and a Saturday night BBQ.

We have priced all options a la carte to fit your budget and create the perfect weekend.

This is the current schedule

 Friday  September 8th 6-8pm

Foundational Bunkai followed by tapas provided by Stone House.

Saturday September 9th       9am-5pm

Breakfast  provided by  Cat Creek

This year’s seminar will cover old school karate close-range striking, trapping, locking, takedowns and more! These methods will be taken from traditional kata such as Empi (Wanshu), Jitte and Tekki (Naihanchi) Nidan and Sandan. Iain has never taught his Jitte, Naihanchi / Tekki Nidan and Naihanchi / Tekki Sandan bunkai and drills in the USA before!

BBQ Dinner 5pm-7pm

 Sunday September 10th    

Breakfast and Checkout at 11

Register by mail or in person at the studio. Cash, checks, and cards will be accepted.

Seminar Fee- Seminar is $160 per person before July 1. $195 after that date. Lodging and meals  available a la carte.  A meal plan is available for $60. There are a few rooms still available at Cat Creek. A post on rooms will be coming soon!



2 Day Seminar with Master Mikami

We are honored to present a 2 day seminar with Master Mikami. “Master Mikami, who was recently elected Senior Technical Advisor to the JKA, has dedicated his life to the preservation and promotion of authentic Karate-Do. He has set the goals of the JKA/AF to convey the highest standards of technique, the development of the character of the participants, and the fostering of the martial spirit that permeates the JKA.” The event will be held at East Franklin Elementary School, Friday 6-8pm May 19th and all day Saturday May 20th. Payment and registration can be done beforehand at the studio, mailed in or at the door with cash or check. We look forward to seeing you there!


Friday: Training from 6-8pm

Saturday: 8-10am training. 1-3 Dan Testing. 3-5pm training

Cost: $100

Restorative Rest

Enjoy some tips on relaxing and creating restoration and rejuvenation in the body prior to sleep.  Our days can be long and stressing so treat yourself and your body to some TLC.  Take time to breath in calm and breath out anything weighing on you.  Helping to bring about a peace of mind, hydration into the tissues, expansion into the body, length and rejuvenation to the spine, digestive support and reset the internal clock to sleep mode vs run.  Turn off the tv, computer and other electronics that can drain your energy.  Then put on some relaxing music and just take time to breath and be grateful for your day.  Reflect back on all the positive moments of your day and prepare for bed with a relaxed body, mind and spirit.   Blessings

Travel Tips to keep you comfy, calm and alert

When traveling, does your body get tired and sore?  Does your legs and back ache?  Have a hard time staying alert?  Today’s video gives you tips on traveling in comfort with a few of our favorite items (overball, tennis ball and/or massage ball) and to help stay alert and relaxed we turn to some of our favorite essential oils.  Blessings that your next trip is much more enjoyable while being in the car or plane.


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