2013-05-06 17.34.54Donnie Abel:

Donnie Abel, Chief instructor, has been the head instructor of the NC Karate Club for over 20 years. He holds a 5th degree black belt (godan).

Sensei Abel has been studying traditional Shotokan karate across the country for over 30 years and has won many awards. Donnie has devoted his life to promoting and teaching karate.

He has worked with police departments, county workers, school systems and health departments.

He constantly strives to develop not only the art of karate, but the lives of students at NC Karate Club. He looks to better his students not only in technique, but in the community they live.

Donnie has been involved with bodywork his entire life: from martial arts, functional fitness, and physical rehabilition with physical therapy. He has been working in the physical therapy world for over 20 years with athletes for sports training, assisting with preventative education to avoid orthopedic injuries. Donnie feels right at home whether working with an athlete, who may have a torn ligament, or a senior with osteoporosis. He completed the comprehensive teacher training in Pilates from Balanced Body. This compliments his vast experience in martial arts, physical therapy, cross-training, and overall body fitness.

Donnie’s Additional Training Certificates Include:



Patti Abel

Patti Halyburton Abel, native of Franklin, North Carolina, has an extensive training background in Pilates and Movement Education. She completed her Pilates comprehensive certification thru Jennifer Gianni and Balanced Body University which includes up to 500 hours of hands-on education. Patti has continued her training specifically with movement education. Patti has a watchful eye and knowledge to see where the weakness, misalignment or imbalance is in the body and how to correct it so the entire body functions optimally as a whole. She has worked extensively with individuals after back, neck, hip, knee and even brain surgery. Many individuals have found her method to be very helpful afte2013-02-08 14.51.40-2r physical therapy or done in conjunction with their physical therapy. Patti continues her training with a minimum of 3 intensive continuing education courses each year. She has also studied Clinical Aromatherapy and integrates the use of therapeutic grade essential oils into her work.


Patti’s Additional Training Certificates Include:

Fusion Pilates for Pre & Post Pregnancy with Jennifer Gianni – course integrates progressions and adaptations to meet the biomechanical demands in exercise programming for the pregnant and post pregnant client. In-depth concentration on Core Knowledge, Breathing Techniques and Three Trimester Programming are based on Pilates and Yoga principals.

SmartSpine – SmartSpine is developed to ease the biomechanical challenges of the spine during simple core exercises, requiring the use of deep abdominals. The SmartSpine System, created by master trainer Marie-Jose Blom, consists of several support pieces designed to help the body find it’s most productive positioning. By supporting the skeletal and joint system in alignment, the neural system is retrained to recruit the deep muscles while releasing the overactive muscles.

Core Intelligence with Marie-Jose Blom – Training covers the latest theories and principles of defining the core and its applications to the stable torso in the Pilates environment. Focus on proper exercise biomechanics that enhance optimal form and alignment by mastering core stability in a stable environment and then challenging core stability in an unstable environment.

Pilates Leadership Intropective with Marie-Jose’ Blom (Pelvic & Spine Works)

Pilates Leadership Intropective with Marie-Jose’ Blom (Principals of Upper Core & Shoulder Girdle

Human Movement with Philip Beach – 

Pilates Plus Psyche with Pilates Elder Mary Bowen

Pilates Climacteric™: Movement and Menopause with Jennifer Gianni – to help our clients learn to create balance and peace within their bodies and minds with a conscious use of breath and movement. With Pilates based movement we can: Create Pelvic Health and balance including preventing and reversing prolapse and urinary incontinence. Create a calmer nervous system and create better and more regular sleep. Create strong bones and a solid sense of spherical awareness to slow down and stop the effects of osteoporosis. Create and maintain breast health. Create better drainage of lymph and circulation throughout the body. Combat Fuzzy Thinking and Depression

The Inside Job of Fitness with Marie Jose Blom-  exploration into the newer and contemporary concepts of the whole body experience, it’s “Connectivity” to optimal health and wellness.  The future of Peak Performance in movement. MJ shares her passion for the “know how” of teaching, biomechanics as well as the new science of movement validated through the Pilates repertoire which led her to closely follow the development of Fascial research for the past eight years. In this process of learning and the deeper understanding of what truly moves the body, any approach to understanding  movement and teaching Pilates has evolved.

Embracing the Curves with Marie-Jose’ Blom (Unravel the Mystery of Scoliosis & Spinal Abnormalities) –  focuses on the spine, emphasizing understanding of the more mysterious lateral curves or scoliosis. This in-depth journey will clarify any doubts or hesitations in the application of Pilates work to benefit clients who suffer from scoliosis. The hands-on nature of this workshop emphasizes simplicity, clarity and safety. The work also addressed a protocol suggestion for the Harrington Rod population. Gain a deeper understanding of strategies of spinal rotations. Integrate Pilates exercise protocol through existing repertoire. To apply and customize Pilates repertoire to meet the Scoliosis client’s needs. Introduce the specific Scoliosis corrective and directive cueing techniques. Learn new approaches and modifications to improve movement balance and spinal mobility.

Striding Ahead with Marie-Jose’ Bloom –   objective is to introduce a systematic and logical approach to deconstruct and thereby thoroughly understand the synergy and relationship between the biomechanics of the foot, the sacrum, the pelvic floor, and the respiratory system. Armed with this deeper knowing we will be better equipped to deliver a well integrated whole body protocol introduced in the order of dynamic synergy. This to effectively improve or restore the key movement and staple of total wellness which is walking.