Pilates and movement techniques can be used to rehabilitate many orthopedic and neurological disorders such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, post-operative back and knee clients, non-surgical and surgical back conditions as well as knee and shoulder patients. Using Pilates and movement education techniques, movement can be initiated earlier in the recovery process without causing further damage to healing tissue. By allowing clients to move earlier without pain, they can begin recovery more quickly. Practicing efficient movement patterns decreases the stress on the joints and tissues. Most injuries are caused by overuse or poor movement patterns, which cause pain. Pilates and movement is unique in that it is a neuro-muscular exercise which means that it re-educates your body’s movement patterns to resolve poor or pain causing movements.

Reasons to incorporate Pilates & Movement:

-Extends physical therapy to muscle movement re-education

-Develops breathing techniques that energize muscles

-Targets specific muscles through manipulation and exercise

-Develops core muscle strength

-Provides a variety of ways to improve balance

-Achieve intense education of the way the body works in balance

-Ties together repetitive exercises with proper structural alignment and breathing techniques

-Works the exercises in connection with all parts of the body, not just the injured part

-Teaches strengthening and stretching exercises -Does not need a prescription for services

Ask your therapist or health care provider for a referral into the program. Restorative Clients receive special rates and discounts.