Cancellation Policy

  • Privates – cancellations made with less than 24 hours will be charged
  • Classes – cancellations made with less than18 hours will be charged

Abel Wellness is unable to make exceptions to these policies for any reason. If there is a chance you can’t make your session or class, please cancel so that instructors can be efficient with their time and assist as many clients as possible. Another option is to sign up last minute.


Group and Equipment Class Cancellation Policy

  • Classes with no sign ups will be cancelled18 hours before the scheduled start time. Please sign up for any classes you’d like to attend. Or if you’d like to attend last minute – please check the website to insure the class has not been cancelled and sign up before heading to the studio.

Class Minimums

  • We are only able to hold classes with a minimum of two clients.
  • If you are the only client signed up, the instructor will contact you at least 18 hours before the class. At your discretion you can elect to either cancel or choose to book a discounted $55 private session at class time.


Expiration Dates

We want to encourage clients to attend regularly so that the benefits of the work are not wasted. For this reason – please plan accordingly and only purchase packages you are able to use within the expiration period. We can not offer exceptions to these policies, but you are welcome to purchase a 15 day extension as needed. Expirations start the day you first use the package – not the sale date.

We understand that some clients are seasonal and leave Franklin for the winter. Please purchase your packages accordingly.


  • 5 or 10 Private Session Packages expire 100 days from first use
  • 10 Class Packages expire 100 days from first use
  • 20 Class Packages expire 200 days from first use
  • Semi Annual Packages expire 6 months from first use
  • Annual Packages expire 12 months from first use

Payment Plans

Abel Wellness is happy to offer the following payment plans.

  • Annual Packages can be split into 12 even payments
  • Semi Annual Packages can be split into 6 even payments
  • All other Class or Private session packages over $200 can be split into 3 even payments

Fragrance Policy

Clients wearing any synthetic perfume (soaps, hair sprays, fragrances, lotions, etc) will be asked to wash it off before entering the studio floor. Synthetic fragrance is the #1 known skin irritant and many people are highly allergic to the chemicals found in perfumes. Abel Wellness is a holistic wellness center and we avoid anything that can cause health issues in the body. We strive to offer every client fresh clean air.


Shoes Policy

Shoes are not to be worn on the studio floors at any time. Please remove shoes and place in a cubby before any class or private session. We want to keep our studio spotlessly clean so all clients can enjoy a healthy environment.