Recently I have added Aroma Dome Sessions to my wellness routine. I love my Pilates classes which have improved my energy, strength, flexibility, and balance. The Aroma Dome Sessions are relaxing, centering, and has enhanced my breathing. Wonderful! ~Belinda Anderson

Patti is an incredible practitioner with a ton of tools in her tool belt. She doesn’t just help you from a one-dimensional approach; but rather, looks at each person as a unique individual with unique needs. She is absolutely amazing!   ~ Jackie M

 Our son Daniel has been taking karate for almost 6 years now, and recently earned his black belt. He has been with Donnie for the past two years and they have been the best training he has ever received. Donnie always works hard, but is patient, kind, and always willing to explain. Daniel is taking a few months off to play football, but will be returning for more karate training when the season is over. He thoroughly enjoys every class and everyone that he trains with. We would never think of taking Daniel to anyone else to train.
Scott & Diane Birmingham

I highly value my privacy and I’m also very modest. Lauren, as a massage therapist, values confidentiality and goes out of her way to ensure privacy and protect modesty. She listens to concerns and targets the areas as discussed.
I recently had the pleasure of receiving the Raindrop Technique and the Neuro-Auricular Technique. Lauren measured me before and after the Raindrop Technique and I had actually “grown” a half of an inch. My spine was so happy!
The following week I experienced the Neuro-Auricular Technique. I actually fell asleep on the table which is rare for me! I was stressed and had a headache and left feeling totally relaxed. The best thing…I slept like a baby for several days after…also rare for me.  ~ Julie Tallman

“Working with Patti and Donnie is a pleasure. Their competency, patience and passion for their work is evident as is their compassion and respect for each person. Pilates is as much for the old as it is for the young. We can all benefit greatly from it. I think Franklin is so incredibly lucky to have this studio. It’s a rather exceptional young business.”  ~  Cristy Passmore

Mom goes to Senior Pilates and Patti introduced us to essential oils. I use them for anxiety during storms and riding in cars. I feel much better-no more trouble with my stomach! The storm yesterday didn’t bother me at all. Mom just put the diffuser with Peace and Calming essential oil so we could relax. I kept her company on the couch, she was nervous. I was so relaxed that I took a nap.

I love to walk and really appreciate your help with Mom. It is my job to make her exercise and Patti has made it so much easier to get her walking. Mom says pilates has helped her so much she doesn’t mind it at all when I want to walk a little further. She is also easier to get up in the morning. Thanks Patti! Your good friend,  Kip 12 (84 in dog years)

I attend Karate and Pilates Reformer at Abel Fit. I do Pilates because it helps with my flexibility and Patti works to help each of our needs. I started Karate because my son wanted to. I have a world class instructor in Sensi Abel.

As I get older, I can still keep up with the young guys. My flexibility is very good. It has given me quicker reaction through the years, This I see in both pilates and karate. My health is great.

I’ve had injuries in my life that could make one give up, but I’m not a quitter. I’ve been taking Karate since 1982, that’s a long time and that tells you something.

These are classes that are great for anyone. Age doesn’t matter. All you need is the will and desire. It’s all about helping and making yourself feel good. It is something that clears the mind. Bring your family and friends. It will help keep you in shape and change your life. ~ Don A (65)

I enjoy attending Senior Ladies Pilates. I joined to regain balance and to build core strength.The changes I have noticed is that it is easier to move around, more flexible ( can touch my toes), and helped my knitting arm. The greatest thing is I can get myself up when I fall. I’m retired and I would encourage all senior citizen ladies to give it a try.  ~  E.M. (Almost 70)

I attend the Springboard Class, the Reformer Class and the Mat Class. I like the variety of exercises and believe it gives my body a complete workout. The classes are never the same and Patti keeps it interesting and challenging.

Since I started Pilates about 16 months ago, I have seen a difference in my overall strength, both upper and lower body. I previously suffered from leg cramps at night and this is no longer the case. I also suffered from mild IBS, and since beginning Pilates and strengthening my core, my condition has disappeared. My blood pressure is excellent, my cholesterol is down, my bone density is normal and I am the same height I was in my teens.

I retired to Franklin in 2009 and volunteer at Angel hospital, belong to Snow Hill Methodist Church, and love to sew. In addition to my Pilates classes, I also attend a Zumba Class once a week.

I would encourage everyone to take advantage of the Abel Fitness Studio’s programs. Patti is an excellent teacher and treats each student as an individual. She pays attention to how each person is doing the exercise and gently corrects as needed. The programs are for all ages, body types, and physical abilities. Plus, you will meet some of the nicest people. The classes are fun as well as instructional.  ~ Gail O 69 years

I started at Abel’s due to back issues-spinal fusion surgery, weak core,back soreness and numbness due to scoliosis. Since starting I’ve noticed much more flexibility, better balance and strength. I have also learned several exercises I can do at home. I am retired and enjoy being with family. I want to be able to continue being active and able to enjoy my grandchildren and my husband of 47 years. I highly recommend the pilates private sessions with Patti. She is very knowledgeable and patient with me. She is very attentive to my particular needs. Also Lauren is excellent too, with the massage therapy. I enjoy coming here. I feel I’m doing good things for my body as I go through the aging process. I do private pilate sessions and massage therapy.

March 15, 2013 | Glenda G

I have had back problems for many years. I had to change my life style. It’s hard to give up everything you like to do. In the end of 2012 the pain was so bad that I had an MRI done. They sent me to a Neurosurgery clinic where I was told I had pinned nerves in my back caused by vertebrae that had moved out of place. They said I would need metal rods put in my back. I was not happy. My son and daughter in-law suggested I try Raindrop Technique. I started going for sessions with Lauren. After the first session all my pain went away. I stopped taking pain meds. I started back to walking and doing karate with no pain.

I’ve been going once a week for 10 weeks, and now moving to two sessions a week then eventually going to one a month. The vertebrae in my back has moved back in place and I still have no pain. I’m back to doing things I like to do.
I would recommend this to anyone. But I must say, you have to go about it with a positive attitude.
I also can’t say enough about Lauren she is a very thoughtful and caring person. She knows what she is doing. She is a great asset to the Abel studio. She has helped me so much with my back. I’m very happy and can’t say enough about her and raindrop technique.

February 26, 2013 | Don A

Several months ago I was diagnosed with De Quervain’s tendinitis. I was in a lot of pain, so much in fact that I had difficulty dressing myself, and even tying my shoe laces was next to impossible. I consulted three doctors, two of which were specialists. I was given drugs for pain and inflammation, a hand splint, and injections. The injections were expensive and extremely painful. I would leave the doctor’s office near tears and bruised up…all for nothing. The injections didn’t help. Period. The doctor finally advised me that I would require surgery to find relief. I was desperate and considering the procedure. Patti suggested I let her try to help me…and thankfully I did! She used a combination of muscle movement/massage and Young Living oils on my thumb, wrist, and forearm twice a week for twenty minutes. I noticed increased flexibility in my thumb after the first session and by the third was practically pain free. I now see her for maintenance as needed. Patti’s technique saved me from surgery and I am incredibly grateful. Please do not hesitate to call upon her if you are in pain. She’s simply amazing. ~ Cristy P

Quote from Walt Disney: If you can dream it, you can do it.

When we send our kids to participate in organized sports– football, soccer, swimming, martial arts, whatever-for most of us, it’s not because we want them to learn the intricacies of the sport.
What we really want them to learn is far more important: team work, perseverance, sportsmanship, the value of hard work, an ability to to deal with adversity. This kind of indirect learning is what some of us like to call a “head fake.”

There are two kinds of head fakes. The first is literal. On a football field, a player will move his head one way so you’ll think he is going in that direction. Then goes the opposite direction.
The second kind of head fake is the really important one- the one that teaches people things they don’t realize they’re learning until well into the process. If you are a head fake specialist, your hidden objective is to get them to learn something you want them to learn, such as “seek perfection of character, being faithful, continuing to endeavor, respecting others, and refraining from violent behavior.”
This kind of head-fake learning is absolutely vital. And Sensei Donnie is a master.
Portions of this testimonial were taken from a book I read by Randy Pausch. I believe these attributes are gifted to certain people and Sensei Donnie is one of those with this gift.

Doug Hastings

I can’t say enough about Patti and how much I appreciate her. I have been taking private Pilates with Patti about a year and a half. Patti is very knowledgeable and is constantly learning new techniques to pass along. I had major back surgery two years ago and needed very badly to improve my core strength, flexibility and balance. Patti has been so patient with me (even when I admit I don’t do my work at home as consistently as I should). I must admit when I do work at home, I can tell a big difference in my progress. She works me hard, but is very sensitive to my limitations. I am amazed by how much more flexibility I have now. I truly look forward to my class each week. I’m hoping to be able to join a group class before too much longer. Thanks Patti!

Glenda Guess

I have been traning in Karate for over 30 years. Through the years I’ve had set backs with injuries, but never gave up thanks to Sensei Abel. He has come along way with his training and teaching. He started when I did. I’ve trained under many different Instructors and I have to say that Sensei Abel [Donnie] has always amazied me. He lives the Karataka way on and off the DoJo floor. He is constantly studying and doing research on all aspects of Karate.. I would put him at the top of the list for Competitor and Instructor.I’m proud to have him as my Sensei, and as my Son.


I have been taking pilates clases with a Patti for almost a month and am really loving it. I have waited a long time for a pilates class in Franklin so was most pleased to see her studio open. For many years I enjoyed yoga, but in later years found that it really bothered my neck so had to give it up. Thanks to Patti, who is a fun and observant teacher, I am finding the old flexibility in my muscles and joints returning. It is a great class and always fun, and I am most appreciative.


I have been training in karate, for about 20 years under many instructors. I took a couple of years off to focus on running my small business and was continually encouraged to return to training by my Sempai Don Abel. After returning, I was a green belt, I continued to train and advance in rank, under the encouragement an instruction of Sensei Donnie Abel.

Sensei Abel is, in my long time experience, a world class instructor. He cares about the complete person, body, mind and spirit. He teaches students the value of respecting others and themselves, endeavoring , perfecting their charactor, being faithful, and refraining from violent behavior. A true world class instructor.  ~  Doug Hastings

I have NEVER been much for fitness. I decided last April to change my lifestyle. I started loosing weight and feeling better. I knew I needed to exercise too. I tried walking and other exercises but just couldn’t get motivated. Last fall a friend of mine encouraged me to try Pilates with her at Abel Fitness. I was reluctant, but I decided to try it. I really enjoyed it from day one. I now go 4 times a week and am even starting to do a few advanced classes. I always feel SO much better after working out. Patti has really kept me encouraged too. She works with you and makes you feel like you can do anything. I have had LOTS of problems and pain in my back from scoliosis. I realized a few weeks ago that my back has not hurt in months. I know this is because of the stretching and exercises I am doing in Pilates. I also have recently realized I HAVE ABS. I have not been able to tighten my abdominal muscles for as long as I can remember. I am seeing and feeling the difference. I also had problems with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My cholesterol is well within normal limits now and I am off my blood pressure medicine. These changes in my life were due to my weight loss and exercise. I feel SO blessed. I am so encouraged. I want to say THANKS to Patti, I am now a fitness buff and I am healthier and feeling SO much better.

April 14, 2010 | LaRessie

Training at Donnie Abel’s studio has increased my mental discipline, confidence and improved my karate techniques. Donnie is an excellent teacher. He has a lot of patience and I like taking his classes. It’s my honor to train under him.  ~ River Byrd

Ever since I started taking Karate from Sensei Donnie, everything in relation to karate has improved for me and continues to improve greatly. A lot of people think that karate is just about swinging and throwing a million moves at once but when you really get down into it, you realize that it’s just as much mental as it is physical.

Sensei Donnie is teaching us both aspects of karate and it’s awesome. Our classes are a lot of fun and I learn something new every time.  ~  Forest Byrd

Karate has helped me with my stances, my punches and my kicks. Sensei Donnie Abel is a great teacher. I’m 8 years old and have been taking karate with Sensei Donnie for a few months and I LOVE it so much. Karate has helped me be more flexible. I’ve decided to do karate all my life.


April 9, 2010 | Sky Byrd

I’ve been training with Sensei Donnie Abel for a few months now and I enjoy every minute in his class. I’ve improved a lot since I’ve been going to Sensei Donnie. Karate has not only helped me with fitness, but it ‘s also helped me improve my flexibility, strength, and focus. I highly recommend Sensei Donnie’s classes.  ~  Meadow Byrd

I love my Pilates class! Patti is attentive to our individual needs, yet guides the class through ever-changing routines that challenge us with new moves mixed with familiar ones so that we never get bored. There is a supportive environment for everyone because we all follow Patti’s example by encouraging each other, caring for one another, and having fun and laughter sprinkled here and there. After several months of classes, I have more upper body strength and all-over improved flexability! My neck and shoulders are more relaxed and I don’t groan each time I use the stairs. But here’s the real proof: It was time for my bone density test and my doctor was incredulous about my improvement since the last one. The bone density in my hips has actually increased by 8% and in my spine by 4%! At 58, I am in the age span that usually shows the steepest decline. He said it is amazing that I didn’t decline and even more so that I improved! We figure it is due to the work my body is now doing in Pilates. I am so glad it’s part of my life!

Michele Hubbs

We LOVE Abel Studio. Our lives have changed dramatically for the better. From Donnie’s boot camp class and Cross Training for young athletes to Patti’s Pilates and Workshops, we have learned how so much about fitness, flexibility and balance. Boot Camp allows me the enjoyment of working hard to do aerobics and strengthening without the planning or counting of repetitions. Donnie does all the work for you and brings the best out of you in addition. I feel like I have my own personal “Biggest Loser” trainer right here in Franklin. My son is getting better and stronger each week with the Young High School Athletes’ Cross Training classes. He so faithful to be there to see what he will be able to do next. And Patti’s Pilates class is great for the mind as well as the body as she expertly walks us through the lengthening and strengthening exercised and the added workshops teach me how to do the workouts at home as well. Our life has been richly blessed by the Abel Studio and would recommend them to everyone we know. We look forward to every class!

Cyndi Bohner

Boot camp with Donnie has been an incredible experience. Every class has been challenging and rewarding. Each week I look forward to finding out what new move he has come up with next. Not only is it a great cardio class it is a great sculpting class as well. I would recommend this class to anyone at any level. He makes it work for each individual!. He motivates and pushes us to our full potential each week. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor !!

Heather Wittekind

I have now been in Sensei Donnie’s karate class for about 3 years. I was 51 years old when I started. Sensei Donnie is a master teacher pushing when needed and offering a softer approach if that is what is best for the student.
My initial interest in karate was primarily as a fun way to stay in shape. Karate does improve flexibility, strength, and endurance but karate has been much more than fitness for me. It teaches patience, discipline, co-ordination, and balance. It is also a fun sport for me as there are levels of accomplishment graded by progressing through different belt levels. Karate also offers the benefits of self protection and protection of others that may be of need. I have seen karate benefit young children, teenagers and older adults. I highly recommend Sensei Donnie and his karate studio to others.

Dr. MH

I have been taking the Boot Camp class and absolutely love it! All my life I have dreaded working out but I really look forward to these classes. You can tell a difference in just a few weeks. I would highly recommend this class!

My son has been taking Karate for about a year and he really enjoys it. I can tell a huge difference in his coordination and attention span. When he tested and got his yellow belt he was so proud of himself, this boosted his self confidence as well.

Meka Taylor

Our whole family loves Abel Fitness! I have been taking Pilates with Patti since September 2009. I have noticed a huge difference in the strength of my body. I have never been one of those people who enjoy working out – but now I do! I look forward to every class and leave feeling great. I attend classes about 4 times a week and have become a fanatic about Pilates.

Candy McSween

I love our pilates class!! I had to miss for a month during the summer and boy did I see a difference!
My body felt weak and not toned at all! I haven’t lost pounds but often people tell me I look like I have lost weight. I lOVE to hear that. Pilates is like a soft place to fall at the end of the day. it makes me feel younger, more toned and happier! Thanks Patti!

Cathy Weimann

I have been heavy all my life, over the years I have gotten bigger and bigger. In May 2009 I decided to change my life. I was tired of being tired. I wanted to be able to walk up my stairs without my knees aching. I never thought I would be able to do pilates – I was afraid to try. Patti worked with me and adapted each session to my needs. She makes sure I feel comfortable in everything we do. Now it is September and I am doing things I never in a million years would have thought I could possibly do. When I started I could only keep each leg up for a few minutes – one at a time, I have gradually been able to slowly get both legs up (not for long but it is still a huge accomplishment). I look forward to going to Pilates, during the session I feel so relaxed and actually get a chance to do something for me. Patti’s pilates classes have helped me to be more flexible and have more energy. Pilates makes me feel good inside and out. Since I have started Pilates and a 1500 calorie diet – I have lost 63 pounds from May until September. I am finally able to walk up my stairs without my knees hurting. If I can do pilates at almost 400 pounds anyone can do it.

Jessica LiBasci

For the first time in my life I can truly say I am proud of myself. As women, we tend to do for everyone else and somehow forget ourselves. This is the first time in my almost 50 years that I have done something for myself. I feel so much stronger and I do not have the aches and pains that I had before beginning Pilates. Patti is a wonderful instructor and is very patient with me which I am so grateful . For the first time in years I feel that I have more to offer myself and my loved ones. Thank you, Patti, from the bottom of my heart.

Marcia Cummings

I am the mother of 3 very energetic little boys. I have always exercised, but after the third child I had lost my energy and my desire. I started Pilates with Patti in April and my attitude for health and fitness has drastically changed. I am now motivated and empowered. I am stronger than ever and I have more energy for my boys. Paired with walking, I have been able to lose weight, tone muscle (and yes, after 3 children I do have abs!), and increase my flexibility. Before I began the class, I was having terrible pain in my shoulder and was taking medicine daily for the pain. Since beginning the class, I have not had any pain in my shoulder! AWESOME!! I look forward to each class and always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, not believing I just “worked out”.

Terri Rogers

I have taken yoga classes before but was always curious about pilates. When Patti told me she was an instructor I joined her class because I knew it would be fun. I was right! I enjoyed the classes and noticed a difference in my core strength. I can’t wait to get started again.


Me and my Mom started Pilates together, And I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. We have been doing it about four months now, and my abs are harder than ever!. Pilates has given me arm strength, flexibility, balance, and of course these abs…. Which I am enjoying!. And that is about all I have to say. (:

Kaitlyn Carver

I am as far from being physicaly fit as anyone can be. I am 57 years old, overweight, and have rheumatoid arthritis. Where does a person like me go to experience a program of physical training that is challenging, yet realistic to my personal limits? I found the perfect solution when I started Pilates class with Patti. While I can get my walking in at home on my treadmill, I just didn’t have a clue about developing upper body strength and overall flexiblility. Pilates has opened up a whole new awareness of my body and shown me that the basics, such as proper breathing, balance, and resistance, can improve my overall core strength and range of motion! How I wish I had started earlier! While I am part of a small group, I can depend on Patti’s attention to my individual needs. I walk out of class energized, relaxed, and empowered! There’s hope for me yet! Oh yes, my daughter took boot camp with Donnie and loves it!

Michele Hubbs

My 13 year old daughter and I have been doing pilates with Patti about three months. We can already tell a difference in our strength and flexibility. Our bodies are changing for the better. I get headaches quite often and they seem to always start at the back of my neck, I have noticed that when I get through with the class my headache is completely gone away, which is a greater benefit to me than anything else! We love the class and have made a great friend in the process.

Kristy Carver